Now I Feel Alive' is a short documentary film depicting Kathleen Wotton's journey from being bed bound, depressed and morbidly obese, to finding the spirit of life once again in creativity and nature. Kathleen takes you with her as she lets you into her worst moments; how it felt as she battled illness upon illness, believing that her life would soon be over. You then journey from those darkest moments, into the bright light that creativity, the sea, and community have helped Kathleen to discover. Kathleen’s is a journey of true inspiration and one that will leave you in awe of her strength, and give you confidence to take your life into your own hands, and never let your circumstances define you. 
Today, Kathleen has thousands of people, through social media, supporting her as her journey continues. She has lost more than 25 stone, a figure that’s constantly growing. She has also begun volunteering as an inspirational speaker, hoping to help those who may still be in their darkest moments. In Kathleens own words “if you’re feeling you’re at your lowest moment, it can’t get any lower, it can only grow…”

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